Exam Specification Changes

Reading / Writing

Section W1 (20 marks)
(previously section A)
no-change Writing: composition
Choice of four titles
150 – 200 words
Section W2 (15 marks) new-section Writing: informal message
Choice of two topics
50 – 70 words
Section R1 (13 Marks)
(previously section B)
slight-change Reading comprehension
One text 290 – 310 words
Ten questions
Section R2 (7 marks) new-section Reading for meaning
One text – seven sentences
Vocabulary matching
Seven questions
Section R3 (20 marks)
(previously section C)
no-change Use of English : general grammar
Four-option multiple choice
Ten questions
Section W3 (10 marks)
(previously section D)
no-change Writing: sentence transformation
Complete the sentences
Five questions
Section R4 (10 marks)
(previously section E)
no-change Use of English: word transformation
Fill the gaps
Ten questions
Section W4 (5 marks) new-section Writing: phrasal verbs
Rewrite sentences
Five questions


Section L1 (10 marks)
(previously part one)
slight-change Listening for information
Five dialogues
Four-option multiple choice
Five questions
Section L2 (20 marks)
(previously part two)
slight-change Listening for words in context
Fill the gaps (two words per gap)
Ten questions
Section L3 (20 marks)
(previously part three)
slight-change Listening for meaning
True/False/Doesn’t say
Ten questions


Section S1 (2 – 4 minutes)
(Task 1)
slight-change Warm Up including possible questions on dreams, hopes, ambitions for the future
Section S2 (4 -6 minutes)
no-change Explain preferences
Prepared discussion: a hypothetical situation
A stem question with options to justify
Section S3 (4 -6 minutes)
(Task3)(previously task 3b)
slight-change Plan and negotiate
Unprepared role-play event
Wide event topic paradigm – for example: holiday, picnic, party, wedding.

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