Advanced (B2)

8advancedPerformance Indicators

Studentul deţine un vocabular activ şi suficient şi cunoştinţă structurală astfel încât este în grad de a:

  • scrie un text clar şi articulat despre argumente descriptive,narative,imaginare sau discursive
  • scrie scrisori formale şi informale
  • înţelege şi de a răspunde la faptele principale unui text din orice argument, concret sau abstract
  • folosi limba pentru a exprima orice funcţie ce se poate verifica în un normal context social sau de învăţare
  • manipula structure pentru a crea accent,diferite stiluri şi expresii
  • asculta şi de a răspunde oral la texte şi întrebări în diferite forme
Grammar and Structures List
Grammar and Structures What are they used for? Some examples
The inversion of subject and verb after certain negative adverbial introductions, e.g. never, rarely, hardly ever, not only, little, seldom Creating emphasis, varying style and idiom Never have I seen such a terrible film.
Little did he know he would one day be Prime Minister.
Not only was it raining, it was also cold.
I wish, it’s about time, it’s high time Expressing hypothesis, regret, decision making and the need for decision making I wish I had £1million.
It’s high time we did some work.
It’s about time he bought a new car.
Using modal verbs followed by the non-finite and perfect non-finite verb
using will
Expressing hypotheses and deductions in varying degrees of certainty Jane will be in bed at this time of night.
They should have heard the telephone. They must have gone out.
He can’t have finished his homework. If he had, he would have put it on my desk by now.
John might be sitting in the theatre already.
After certain verbs
After certain adjectives
After question words
The perfect infinitive
I hope to hear from you shortly. We can’t afford to give you a pay rise. I want you to do something for me. Its very difficult to explain. Tell me where to go/ how to get there/ what to say. I’d love to have met him. He doesn’t seem to have done it.
Un bun exemplu de probă pentru acest nivel:

Watching television is a waste of time. Discuss.

I believe that watching television is a waste of time, because nowadays there is nothing good on television anymore. There are too many commercial channels that have one goal: to make as much money as they possibly can.

These channels try to manipulate people by making their programmes ‘spectacular’ but the truth is that a lot of these programmes are plain disgusting. Especially their documentaries are like this, they are not humane anymore.

Of course, the public channels cannot stay behind so they will try to bring some excitement into their programmes as well. Their power is decreasing but what can we do about it? People want spectacle, they want fireworks!

The worst thing about these commercial channels is the fact that they pretend to be sophisticated while they are really not. They say that the goal of their documentaries is to ‘give an objective insight in the society we live in’ but what they are really doing is making fun of people, and they know that this will appeal to the audience. All of this just to make more money.

If this trend continues, I do not want to turn my t.v. anymore. Watching television has become a complete waste of time and people should realize that there are much better things to do in this world than watching other people’s misery. For instance: go read a book!

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