AcCEPT Proficiency (C1)

9proficiencyPerformance Indicators

Studentul are un deosebit vocabular activ şi o înţelegere a elementelor structurale, şi poate astfel să întreprindă un curs de studiu în limba engleză pentru o viitoare educaţie mai superioară. Studentul poate cu succes să:

  • scrie şi să organizeze un text despre argumente descriptive, narative sau discursive, care includ capacitatea de a da informaţii şi de a explica avantajele şi dezavantajele ale unui anumit argument
  • scrie scrisori formale şi informale
  • citească şi să răspundă la un text mai lung bazat pe orice argument concret sau abstract
  • elaboreze un rezumat acurat al unui text
  • folosească limbajul pentru a exprima orice funcţie ce se poate verifica în un normal context social sau de învăţare
  • manipuleze structure pentru a crea accent, diferite stiluri şi expresii
  • asculte şi să răspundă oral la lucrări în diferite forme


Un bun exemplu de probă pentru acest nivel:

Smoking should be banned in all public places, including bars and restaurants.

Nowadays an increasing pattern of arguments may be noticed as far as smoking is concerned. Should it be banned in all public places or must it continue to be allowed? This is a controversial issue which separates people into two opposing groups: supporters and opponents of smoking.

The most significant reason for saying that smoking should be banned is the health factor. Not only the smoker, but also the people around him may damage their lungs and in the worst case suffer from lung cancer. In addition, pregnant women shouldn’t be exposed to cigarette smoke because – as Doctors say – smoke can easily damage the unborn baby, and cause it serious problems, after it is born.

Furthermore, another important reason that shows that smoking should be restricted and banned in public places is that of the discomfort it creates. Imagine a smoker entering a ‘no smoking’ bar, and all of the people around him smelling the smoke on his shirt and slowly moving away from him. In addition to the above, a smoker’s breath is very bad and a person who does not smoke will feel discomfort talking with him.

On the other hand, a majority of people state that smoking is a right that every person has, and shouldn’t be banned because that would mean violation of his human rights. Of course, tobacco industries are also against a smoking ban in public places due to well-known reasons. They will lose millions of dollars if the ban exists because the person will only smoke in his house and will not buy cigarrettes all the time.

Concluding, and taking all the above into consideration, smoking plays an integral part in many people’s lives but, as far as the ‘public’ factor is concerned we shouldn’t smoke in public places because that would mean violation of a non-smoker’s rights, whereas the smoker can choose not to if he or she wants.

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